24 August 2009

Swap Style

New collection from Camomile Tan:

"Parakeet detachables"

This clever design is perfect if your wardrobe needs a little brightening up from the winter season, and all you need is just ONE pair of Parakeet hooks and a choice (at the very least!) between 2 pairs of Swarovski crystals...

The crystals themselves are so divine... they will make a lovely gift on their own if you have your own hooks to dress up!

Big Drop




And your choice between 2 Parakeet hooks: the Parakeet and the Parakeet mini.

20 August 2009

Feeling Pretty?

I am LOVING these pieces from Camomile Tan!

I chose these few designs as they are simple yet oh-so-elegant, which are just perfect to dress up our daily boring old outfits for work. Or it can be just something to wear cos' it's so pretty! Personally, I think they look their best when the hair is pinned up and it's left swinging against the neck.. Of course, they all come in different colours. ^_^

The stones featured here are all Swarovski crystals, and the hooks are either 14k gold filled (not gold plated) or 925 silver.

Ppois - amber

Ibis - gold

Ibis - green

Greece - black

Pendulum - gold

Due - black

Petitepois - clear

And that's not all there is.... check out the more eye-catching and intricate designs which I can pretty much guarantee will make the other girls stare and ask where you got them from!

Bliss - blue

Halycon Pear - fuschia

Dew - varied

Exclusively For The Girl Next Door in Melbourne.