12 November 2009

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

Finally! Things are underway with the CamomileTan jewellery line! I'm really excited to announce that the earrings which I've posted up previously are now being sold at EBONY M at South Yarra, Melbourne.

A few of my faves, such as the 'Ibis' and 'Petite Pois', are turning out to be best-sellers and I have orders for more and in different colours! I hope to be able to bring in more new designs as well in the next quarter.

Now for a little spiel for EBONY M! Gorgeous gorgeous shoes!! They are the exclusive stockists in Melbourne for the world-famous brand 'French Sole' (a.k.a. 'London Sole') - pretty little ballet flats and ballet pumps that are oh-so-comfortable and with a million designs so that they can go with practically everything. *I already have 3 pairs myself and wear them every weekend! \(^_^ )/

Besides the ballet flats, EBONY M also stocks other brands from Europe, Brazil and France and includes heels, boots and flats. If you are a shoe-lover, it's definitely a place to check out on the weekend... AND to make things even more tempting, there's a chocolate shop just 2 shops down which serves yummy chocolate drinks and little chocs to nibble on. *Ahh the simple pleasures...

Shop 2, 238 Toorak Road
South Yarra, Melbourne
(03) 8626 5773
Open 7 days a week

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